<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/69/37/40/75/190603065615.jpg?t=1579981847"><br>Looking for a little more house and a little more privacy? Here you go! This Sandy Drive home is perfectly positioned in the desirable Greenleaf Manor neighborhood across from the park and adjoining open space. Plus, the current owners installed privacy fencing and a tree line so that you may only see your neighbors when coming and going! The back yard beyond the fence looks like your own private paradise of lush green lawn with mature trees just waiting for you and your hammock! Inside, you will find a big, welcoming house that has HOME written all over it. Warm, custom wall colors and easy-care flooring throughout enable you to relax and unwind with kids, pets, family or friends. Tons of space awaits with additional room to expand if needed by finishing more of the basement. Don&rsquo;t miss the tucked-away finished den down there! All in good shape and ready for you to make your move.<br>